Cocorosie - K-hole tab

Play this patterns for the chords:

am C dm|------12-------12-------|------12-------12-------|------17-------17-------||---13-------13-------13-|---13-------13-------13-|---18-------18-------18-||14-------14-------14----|12-------12-------12----|19-------19-------19----||------------------------|------------------------|------------------------||------------------------|------------------------|------------------------||------------------------|------------------------|------------------------|
C2|------20-------20-------||---20-------20-------20-||21-------21-------21----||------------------------||------------------------||------------------------|Note: C2 is an arbitrary name just to distinguish it from the other C-Chord.
am C am C dm C dm C am C Tiny spirit in a k-hole am C Bloated like soggy cereal dm C2 God will come and wash away am C Our tattoos and all the cocaine dm C2 And all of the aborted babies am C Will turn into little bambies am C am C dm C dm C Wounded river push along Searching for that desert song And mozart's requiem will play On tiny spearkers made of clay Tell my mother that i love her Martin luther you're an angel Charming monkey saunter swagger Drunken donkey limbs disjointed Your chest is a petting zoo Mexican pony fucked up shoes I dreamt one thousand basketball courts Nothing holier than sports Interlude (2x):
dm G|17-------17-----17-------17-|---15-------15-----15-------15-||---18--------------18-------|------15--------------15-------||------19--------------19----|----------16--------------16---||----------------------------|-------------------------------||----------------------------|-------------------------------||----------------------------|-------------------------------|
Dragonfly kiss your tail Precious robot built so frail Universe of milk and ember Your hot kiss in mid december What's god name i can't remember Trough the crack eye lovely weather comments, corrections:
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