Cocteau Twins – Heaven Or Las Vegas tab

Heaven or Las Vegas

Intro & verses: D Ge|--9---------------2----------|B|----10--------------3--------|G|-------11-------------4------| Riff continuesD|----------12------------5----| through versesA|-----------------------------|E|-----------------------------|
D Who'll ever win? G Yeah, you're so ephemeral, D Go back for new, G For new in vain, it failed.
Synth part over all parts of the chorus:e|--5---------5--------5----|B|--------5-7-------5-7-----|G|------7---------7---------|D|--------------------------| RepeatsA|--------------------------|E|--------------------------|
Chorus: D Dadd9/C Singing on my favourite street, G I want you to love(a-love) a bumble bee. D Dadd9/C Am I in heaven or Las Vegas? G It's much more brighter than the sun is to me. Middle 8 and guitar solo: Em F#m c G Seriously haven't a clue with the words... sorry.
Solo (Use slide and flanger): Em F#m C Ge|--------------------------------------------------------|B|------19~---19\----14~---14/----17~---17\----12~---12\--|G|--/19~---19~---\14~---14~---/17~---17~---\12~---12~-----|D|--------------------------------------------------------| x2A|--------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------|
The other verses and choruses are the same chords and bits. You're on your own with the and that; I've done my best to try and show where the changes go. Other than that it be easy enough to put the bits in order, along with your own interpretation of the Oh, and that weird chord is: EADGBe Dadd9/C X32232 (You're probably best barreing the second fret with your 1st finger)
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