Cocteau Twins – Seekers Who Are Lovers tab

Cocteau Twins - Seekers who are lovers

From the album:    Milk & Kisses 
Words/Music: Cocteau Twins

Tabs:    Marcus H. Pedersen
Added To UG By Mikhailo

Powerfull song.........the last song, on the last CT bad

Intro riff (with delay) RED NOTE = DELAY (is not played!)

e -----------------------------------------------------------------------B -----------------------------------------------------------------------G --------------------0--0--------------------0--0------------------2--2-D -----------4--4--------------------4--4--------------------3--3--------A ---2--2--------------------3--3---------------------3--3---------------E -----------------------------------------------------------------------
Verse: C - Am - G - F Riff 2 (played after the F chord)
e --------1--0------------B ---1--------1--3--5-----G ------------------------D ------------------------A ------------------------E ------------------------
Chorus: (again with delay) Gm (10 fret) - Eb (6 fret) - Cm (8 fret) - F (8 fret) Play these chords twice and then: Eb (6 fret)
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