Codeine Comely - The Winter Song tab

The Winter Song
Marvelous Things EP

Capo on 4th
All chords relative to capo

Note: If you want, you can stick As in between some of the Ds and Bms in the verses.

D Bm D Bm

Verse 1: "Walking home with the snow..."
D Bm D Bm
D Bm D Bm D

Verse 2: "Chimney smoke billowing..."
D Bm D Bm
D Bm D Bm D

Chorus: "La la la la..."
D Bm

Verses 3 and 4: As verses 1 and 2

Chorus: As before, but longer.

Bridge: "It's that day again..."

Chorus: As before

End on D

Simple, but cute :)
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