Cody Allen – Find Your Fix tab

Artist: Cody Allen
Song: Find Your Fix
Not Yet released it's a good song and will love it when it comes out! 
it's easy but awesome!


C          G                     Em         D
When you open your eyes for the very first time

C                            G         Em                     D
The first glance at the world always seems so plain

C                           G               Em                       D
All the people around you, they all look the same

C                      G                        Em                    D
Yet they all have their own decsion to make in life today

C,G,Em,D x2

C                       G                Em        D
Each day gets harder, it's such a strain

C                                            G     Em  D
Sometimes it feels like all loss, no gain

C                         G                 Em        D
But in the end, after all the pain

C                                                   G          Em       
Your fix comes in and it's all a game


C                                G                D             Em
For some it's crack, it's speed or cocaine

C                            G                    D            Em
For others it's wine, or beer or champagne

C                                 G
To me it all seems so insane

D                                              Em
You gotta put up with life and go ur way

C                           G                    D                                  
find your  fix and hit the road today                              


C       G             Em         D
So play it hard and wear it down

C                 G                   Em     D
Your fix is there, so smile, don't frown

C         G                                           Em     D
Don't let other people put you down

C           G                                           Em     D
Just grab your fix and hit the town

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