Cody Chesnutt - My Women My Guitars tab

My Women My Guitars  - Cody ChesnuTT
Tabbed by Bjorn Watsjold

Verse 1 C G Dm I get up off of my ass, I get out of my bed again today Bm Am Em I've got a dick full of blood and a wide open heart to lean on Ebm Dm But sometimes I wish that something good didn't go wrong F I wish it didn't go wrong Chorus C G Am Man, something is killing me Dm C Dm My women my guitars, I've been living hard Gsus F My breakdown is on the way Dm G C I know my breakdown is on the way C Dm/C C G Dm Get up on my feet, fall on back to my knees to pray (to god) Bm Am Em Got an order and it's tall enough to have it's own conversation Ebm Dm Sometimes I feel like I get all the limitations F I get it all Chorus Dm G C I know my breakdown is on the way Chorus Verse 1 Verse 2 Chorus
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