Cody Chesnutt - Boylife In America tab

Artist: Cody Chesnutt
Album: Headphone Masterpiece
Song: Boylife in America

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Gm* higher Gm chord x-10-12-12-11-10
Cmsus 2 x-355333

Bb    Dm           Cm-Cmsus2    
Yes, I'm a momma's boy

Girl's like to think I'm spoiled
Bb                            Gm
Cause I want it all the time, I like to make it mine
Cm                    Eb             F    
I drop it like a bum, my pickle and my charm

Bb           Dm           Cm-Cmsus2    
Yes it's me, if you're guessing who
Bb    Dm           Cm-Cmsus2    
I'm back again, in another life
Just to see what's on my mind
I do it all the time
Cm                       Eb          F
I never bite my tongue, I speak it when it comes

Bb                    Gm
All I want is pussy, give me some religon
Eb                          F
A brand new Cadillac and a winning lotto ticket
Bb                      Gm
I don't want no pretty, city boys in makeup
Eb                         F
Showin' me their goodies when I don't wanna see it
Oh no!

I'm all about boylife in america

Livin' still in my momma's house
Ain't no movin'- she's gonna have to put me out
Got no responsibilities,
The possibilities!
Goin' nowhere as I'm tellin' her friend...
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