Cody Simpson – Not Just You chords

             * NOT JUST YOU - CODY SIMPSON *

Tuning: Standard
No Capo.
Strumming Pattern: DDD D

Chords: A: Dsus2: F#m: D:e|----5----|----5----|----2----|----5----|B|----5----|----5----|----2----|----7----|G|----6----|----7----|----2----|----7----|D|----7----|----7----|----4----|----7----|A|----7----|----5----|----4----|----5----|E|----5----|----x----|----2----|----x----|
Intro: A - D x2
Dsus2I know your heart has seen better times,
F#mI know our songs had better rhymes,
Dsus2Before Today.
Darling, I guess I made the wrong mistakes, I understand if you need your space, Please take your time.
F#m F#m Dsus2~ (let it ring)Before you go away you need to realize,
A Dsus2Baby It's not just you,
F#m Dsus2You know it hurts me too.
F#mWatching you leave,
AWith tears on your sleeve.
Dsus2Notice mine aren't exactly dry!
A Dsus2Baby it's not just you,
F#m~ Dsus2~That's hurting,
AIt's me too.
I'm sorry, I wasn't there to catch the fall. I didn't hear you when you've called, All of those nights. Please don't forget the good days with me, I can the make back the heart aching beat. When It gets dark and it's hard to see, We'll turn on the lights.
F#m F#m Dsus2~ (let it ring)Before you go away you need to realize,
Chorus: Baby it's not just you. You know it hurts me too, Watching you leave with tears on your sleeve. Notice that mine aren't exactly dry, Baby it's just you. That's hurting, It's me too. A - Dsus2 - A - Dsus2 - A enjoy :) x
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