Coheed And Cambria - Feathers tab version 2

The song basically starts out with these two chords alternating. Listen for the rhythm.

There is a little trick that Claudio does when he plays it live before he restarts the verse.
eb--------------------------|Bb--------------------------|Gb--------------------------|Db--------------------------|Ab-----0h7--------0 10/0----|Eb-0h7h9----9-0h7h9---------|
Chorus: A Em C#eb-0-0--0-|Bb-2-0--0-|Gb-2-1--4-|Db-2-2--4-|Ab-0-2--2-|Eb-0-0--x-|
Bridge: C Am Em C#eb-0-0--0--0-|Bb-1-1--0--0-|Gb-0-2--1--4-|Db-2-2--2--4-|Ab-3-0--2--2-|Eb-0-0--0--x-|
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