Coheed And Cambria - Far Acoustic chords

These are just the basic chords to play along with if you wanted to play this song 
acoustic or something. If you want the lead, there's another tab here on UG.

TUNING: Half-step down

F#m EI welcome this pain beating down on me
D AIs it your eyes that choose not to see?
F#m EAll I would do if only you knew
D AAll of my trust was given to you
D AOh, please, this is what I can give
E DWhat else do you need from me?
A EI might be sick, broken, torn to pieces
D ASo, whatever this is, this thing that now I've become,
E Dyou hate it so much, you keep on running from it
A ENo matter the distance, oh, no matter how, no matter how far
(intro is repeated here, verse chords can be played) vERSE 2: I buried this hurt, concealed in this heart Go lock all your doors, these cold steps will warm CHORUS
No matter how far Far SOLO: F#m E D A CHORUS OUTRO: (same as chorus) No, no matter how far No, no matter how far No, no matter how far No, no matter how, no matter how far
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