Coheed And Cambria – Pearl Of The Stars chords

This is my first tab. I was looking for the chords to this song a few years ago and 
couldn't find them so I decided to figure them out on my own. The way you play it may be 
different, but these are the chords that work for me. Enjoy.

Am G F C G (x2)

Verse 1:
Am G F C GEach night I wish to God he'd let her rest
Am G F C GOh, this hurts me more than any man can bear
Am G F C GShe's my angel from the west
Am G F C G AmThere will never be one to take her place
F AmWhen you go I will know
G FFollow you to the stars
F AmAnd when the world burns apart
C FThere'll be a place for your car
F AmI'd give you everything
C FIf only I'd have known you'd take it
F AmBut you don't, cause you're you
C FThat's why I'll always love you
AmMy pearl of the stars
Bridge: Am G F C G
Am G F C GThe pills she takes, the pain of which she drowns
Am G F C GOur baby sleeps, next door, she's new in town
Am G F C GI tell her how wonderful you were
Am G F C G AmI'll remember everything you were to me
Chorus x2
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