Coheed And Cambria - The Velorium Camper I Faint At Heart Acoustic tab

Coheed and Cambria – The Velorium Camper I – Faint at Heart (Acoustic)


-	Ok, this is the song that made me adore this band. Wouldn’t wanna mess up on 
it now, do I? So, if there are any mistakes, feel free to e-mail me (e-mail’s on the bottom).

-	If you’ve noticed, there are some changes in the lyrics as well.

-	There are certain parts here that I won’t be writing the chord strumming 
just the chords itself. It is understood in this tab that the chords I write are triads, what 
nowadays commonly mistake as “POWER CHORDS” (ex. A – 577XXX).

-	If there is a “P” under a given note/chord, it means it’s 
“L” means lyrics.

-	FYI, in the C (X355XX) - open string D & A (X00XXX) – C transition, you may 
the open notes to an A (577XXX). The latter one sounds lighter though...

Standard tuning: EADGBe

Intro: 00:00 – 00:16.======e|-----------------------------------------------------|B|-----------------------------------------------------|G|-9-7-9-----------------------------5---5-----5~------|D|-9-7-9--3/5-5-5-4~-0--0-4-7--------5-0-5--3/5---4~-0-|A|-7-5-7-----------------------5-5-0-3-0-3-------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------|
e|--------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------|G|---------5------9-7-9-----------------------------5---5-------5~----|D|--------5-5-----9-7-9--3/5-5-5-4~-0--0-4-7--------5-0-5-------5~----|A|-3/5--55---7-5--7-5-7-----------------------5-5-0-3-0-3-------3~----|E|----00--------------------------------------------------------------| P/PPP
Verse: 00:17 – 00:47.======Riff 1:------------------------------------------------------------------------|e|----------------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-9-7-9-----------------------------5---5-----5~------------5---5------|D|-9-7-9--3/5-5-5-4~-0--0-4-7--------5-0-5--3/5---4~-0-------5-0-5-0----|A|-7-5-7-----------------------5-5-0-3-0-3-------------3/5---3-0-3-0----|E|--------------------------------------------------------00------------| P/PPP P P P PL: With the worries that I'd give her in, she told the worst of me.
Riff 2:------------------------------------------------------------------------|e|----------------------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-9-7-9-----------------------------5---5-----5~--------------5--------|D|-9-7-9--3/5-5-5-4~-0--0-4-7--------5-0-5--3/5---4~-0--------5-5-------|A|-7-5-7-----------------------5-5-0-3-0-3-------------3/5--55---7-5----|E|--------------------------------------------------------00------------| P/PPPL: My wanting just to hold her hand in my arms and feel her breathe.
Riff 1 ------ L: No, I'm not gonna give you what you want, so if you please. Riff 1 ------ L: The sin that shapes your voice carries my ears this new disease. Chorus: 00:47 – 01:19. ======= - Give it more or less 8 strums per chord. ------------------------- G *E C C – Do this thrice P P P P *E – 022XXX L: Did somebody take your tongue? L: In worries of the words that you couldn't say (that you wouldn’t save) them from. L: But I don't wanna sleep without... ------------------------- A A **E D *C *Hang on C. **E – X799XXX L: So I bid to you goodnight. L: Tonight sleep tight, my love. -------------------------
Verse: 01:20 – 01:50.======e|-------|B|-------|G|-7/5-X-|D|-7/5-X-|A|-5/3-X-|E|-------|
Riff 2 ------ L: The anxious through the calming storm, you'll sit as you pray for rain. Riff 1 ------ L: I'll touch it if you ask me to, but how is up to you. Riff 2 ------ L: No, I'm not going to let you get up if you struggle willingly. Riff 1 (This time no palm-mute) ------ L: I'll savor all your form to show you how and where I bleed. Chorus: 01:50 – 02:21. ======= This one’s basically the same as the first chorus, but add a few more syncopations between the chord patterns and add some normal strums with the palm-mutes.
Bridge 1: 02:22 – 02:37.=========e|--------|-----------------------------------------------------------|B|--------|-----------------------------------------------------------|G|-5-5-5-5|0----------------------------------------------------------|D|-5-5-5-5|0-5~-5h7-5------5~-5h7-5------5~-5-5--5-5-0-9--9--7--7-----|A|*3-3-3-3|0-5~--------5-0-5~--------5-0-5~-5-5--5-5-0-9--9--7--7-----|E|--------|--3~------------3~------------3~-3-3--3-3-0-7--7--5--5-----| *Weak – loud strum.- Do this twice, but exclude the “*” at the second one.
Phase 1: 02:38 – 03:10. ======== - Just figure out the changes in the palm-mutes, mutes and the regular strums. be too tiresome for me to tab the whole thing out. A A B B C C (3X) L: You were so well behaved. L: As you arched and made your way... L: A gift’s for you engraved. L: You shift and stretch your legs. L: You were so well behaved. L: You were so well... L: You taught these tricks that make... L: You were so well behaved.
Phase 2: 03:10 – 03:42.========e|--------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--------------7-5------5--4-----------------------------------------|D|-0-7--7-7-7-0-7-5-7-5--5--4--3--5-----------------------------------|A|-0-7--7-7-7-0-5-3-7-5--3--2--3--5-----------------------------------|E|-0-5--5-5-5-0-----5-3--------1--3-...........-----------------------|- After the last C there’s a highly syncopated muted strum pattern (it’s is approximately the same as the usual 16 strums or so– i.e. A A).
L: If the world stops turning, girl you better not stop when I say. L: And there ain’t nothing you could do to count me, count me down. - Do this three times.
|- Do this twice.L: If the ground starts parting through the silence and the walk of the dead.e|--------------------------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------------------------|G|--------------------5--5--------------------------------------------|D|--------------5--5--5--5--------------------------------------------|A|0-3/5-3-2-----5--5--3--3--------------------------------------------|E|----------5-0-3--3--------------------------------------------------|L: Everything here dies alone...
Bridge 2: 03:42 – 03:55.=========e|--------------------------------------------------------------------|B|------8---10--7-8--------5------------------------------------------|G|-5/7~---7---------5----7---7-5-4-5--4---4--5-4--------4-------------|D|---------------------5----------------7--------7--5-7---5-4---------|A|--------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------------------------|- Do this twice.
Phase 3: 03:56 – 04:24. ======== - Again, too tiresome to tab... ------------------ D D E C *D P P P * Single strum. L: But I'm not quite sure what you've been told on Labor Day. ------------------ *D D **E ***C P * Ascending. ** Strong single strum then palm-mute. *** Strong single strum then weak strums. L: Oooh, I'm not starting with you but the faint of heart... well, worry’s way. ------------------ D D E C (2X) L: But I'm not quite sure what this unfolds on Labor Day. L: Oooh, I'm not starting with you but the faint of heart. ------------------ Chorus: 04:24 – 05:29. ======= - No palm-mutes, more open notes strumming and stronger playing. - Play it twice. So, after the “ love...” part, don’t hang the C first time around. -When the chorus is repeated, you can even hear the open e-string being strummed, but I to not play it. L: Did somebody take your tongue? L: In worries of the words that you couldn't say (that you wouldn’t save) them from. L: But I don't wanna sleep without... L: So I bid to you goodnight. L: Tonight sleep tight, my love. (Repeat) End with *F. *The song originally ends with the C, but then he makes a crappy sounding F end the song in this version. ...And that’s it!
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