Cohen Leonard – Memories tab

Ana Free - Memories

Capo fret 3

INTRO: Bm  G  Bm  G

                  Bm    G
Said I'm gonna be sad without you
       Bm           G
Cuz my life is all about you
G                   D               em
The ocean stole you from me in its waves

                   Bm    G
But I'm gonna move on to live now
   Bm           G
Forget about you somehow
    G              D                    em
Cuz everything I'd hoped for is gone to waste

        Bm     G
And the sun is setting
 Bm         G
Out on the horizon
G	          D           em
And over it I try to paint to face

       Bm       D
But my eyes are cloudy
    Bm            D
And all I know is how much I
G                  D               em
Long for you but I can't have your embrace
  G                  D                    em
I love for you but I just can't find your face

It's gonna be a long long night to get through
A long long time to find you
 Em                               C
A long long list of memories I'll write down to forget these
Times I feel mistaken
                Em                   C
I thought you'd never leave my heart aching
C                Am
Look how wrong I was
C		  Am
I gave you all my trust
C		       Am
And now there's no more us
C                  Am           G
I'm leaving when I find my feet again

        Bm                        G
Today I went to where you used to get me
    Bm                     G
I'd love you if you'd just let me
    G                D                em               
I'd swim inside that ocean to get you back
       Bm        G
Cuz I'm tired of waiting
    Bm             G
And if it comes to nothing
G                   D                      Em
Then it's pointless staying here I'm going back

         Bm         G   
Cuz I've fought for so long
         Bm               G
And it's me you turn your back on
G                        D            em
I fought for a chance to stay in your embrace

        Bm             G
But it seems like it's worth none
      Bm                      G
Somethin' I don wanna have to think on
   G                 D          em
So over it I try and erase your face
       G             D             em   
I said over it I try and erase your face

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