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Leonard Cohen: The Partisan (La Complainte du Partisan)
               (French text: Bernard, Music: Anna Marly,
                English text: Hy Saret)
               from the CD's "Songs from a room", "Greatest Hits" and
               "Heart Housed in a Thorn Bush" (Live at Montreux, 1984)

the pattern I play I've learned from a friend (erwin). Its easier to play,
but may be there is a certain loss of quality.

 erwins pattern

Am C* E*e:----------0---------------|-----------0---|-----------0--|B:-------1-----1------------|--------1------|--------0-----|G:----2-----------2-----2---|-----0---------|-----1--------|D:-------------------2------|---------------|--------------|A:-0------------------------|--3------------|--------------|E:--------------------------|---------------|--0-----------| p i m a m i p i p i m a p i m a
The pattern is played two times per bar (indicated by / in first verse). In the first and second line of every verse there are three chords per bar and i play the pattern C* and E*. Cohen plays ?don't really know?
Am C* E*e:-------------------------0----------|--------------------|-------------------|B:-------1--------1-----1-----------1-|--------1--------1--|--------0--------0-|G:----2--------2-----2-----------2----|-----0--------0-----|-----1--------1----|D:----------2-----------------2-------|-----------2--------|-----------2-------|A:-0----------------------------------|--3-----------------|--2----------------|E:------------------------------------|--------------------|-------------------| p i m p i m p i m p i m etc.
There are twentyfour notes (triplets) per bar, to much for my fingers. Am Am / Am Am /C* E* Am When they poured a-cross the border /C* E* Am I was cautioned to sur-render, /C G /G (2/4) this I could not do; F F /C E /Am Am/Am Am I took my gun and van-ished. C* E* Am I have changed my name so often, C* E* Am I've lost my wife and children C G G but I have many fri-ends, F F C E /Am Am/Am Am and some of them are with me. C* E* Am An old woman gave us shelter, C* E* Am kept us hidden in the garret, C G G then the soldiers came; F F C E Am Am/Am Am she died without a whis-per. C* E* Am There were three of us this morning Hier encor nous ?tions troi C* E* Am I'm the only one this evening Il ne reste plu que moi C G G but I must go on; Et je tourne en rond F F C E Am Am/Am Am the fron-tiers are my pri-son. Dans la prison des frontieres C* E* Am Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing, La vent passe sur les tombles C* E* Am through the graves the wind is blowing, La libert? reviendra C G G freedom soon will come; Oh nous oubliera! F F C E /Am Am/Am Am then we'll come from the shad-ows. Nous retrerons dans l'ombre. C* E* Am Les Alle-mands ?-taient chez moi, [The Germans were at my home C* E* Am ons m'a dit: "Re-signe toi," They said, "Sign yourself," C G G mais je n'ai pas peur; But I am not afraid F F C E /Am Am/Am Am j'ai repris mon ?r-me. I have retaken my weapon. C* E Am J'ai chan-g? cent fois de nom, I have changed names a hundred times C* E* Am j'ai per-du femme et en-fants I have lost wife and children C G G mais j'ai tant d'a-mis; But I have so many friends F C E Am Am/Am Am j'ai la France en-ti?re. I have all of France C* E* Am Un vieil homme dans un gre-nier An old man, in an attic C* E* Am pour la nuit nous a ca-ch?s, Hid us for the night C G G les Alle-mands l'ont prisent; The Germans captured him F F C E Am Am/Am Am il est mort sans surpri-se. He died without surprise.] C* E* Am Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing, C* E* Am through the graves the wind is blowing, C G G freedom soon will come; F F C E Am Am/Am Am (appregio) then we'll come from the shad-ows. Improvements welcome!
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