Cohn Marc - Perfect Love tab

guys im not pretty sure about the base part. but it sound good to me. hope you like it. 
God be the Glory!

Perfect love introhillsong unitede|----------2-----------------2-----------------2-----------------2----------|B|------0-----0---0-------0-----0---0-------0-----0---0-------0-----0---0----|G|----3---3-----3-------3---3-----3-------3---3-----3-------3---3-----0------|D|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------------------------------------|E|--4---------------0-------------------4---------------0--------------------|
G#m E This perfect love, I can't explain B F# This way of life that has no end G#m E B F# Your mercy satisfies, it's all I need G#m E My purpose found in You alone B F# to love the lost and bring them home G#m E B F# We were made to glorify our king G#m E I wanna see the broken hearts B F# finding hope in God above G#m E B F# I wanna know Iím doing all I can G#m E So with this life, with all I am B F# No matter what the cost may be G#m E B F# I pray to see your love become our cause G#m E I wonít stop believing B F# You alone are, You alone are God G#m E E In You there's freedom B F# Your love brings me to my knees again G#m E We're gonna bring an anthem of love B F# We're gonna live for you now B F# May your love become my every thought G#m E I wanna know the sound of your heart B F# I wanna live for you now E B Singing You, you bring me life E You bring me hope F# You're all I need for comments add my ym jamesbest07. Godbless
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