Colbie Caillat - Tailor Made tab

Tailor Made - Colbie Caillat

Capo on 7th Fret

All of these mixed emotions,
G             D
Tangled up in pure confusion,
Em                         C
Itís hard to let go of the past, but it seems,
G                  C
Easier as time is moving,
Em                         C
Well you said he makes you laugh,
Em               C
And he makes you happy,
Em                  C
He sees you smiling back,
Em         C           D
It is everlasting,

And so heís tailor made for you,
With stunning golden hues,
And one sweet tone to soothe,
Your persistent beating heart itís just a start,
G                         D
And I, have seen you everyday,
Youíve never been like this before,
            C                    G
Heís tailor made, tailor, tailor made,

Em                     C
So let go all of these mixed emotions,
G               D
Forget all your hesitations,
Together entwined inside this feeling,
G                                D
Feet off the ground, head hits ceiling,
Em                        C
Then he whispered in your ear,
Em              C
Heís absolutely falling,
Em                    C
The words he said are clear,
Em                 C               D
So donít insist on stalling


     Em              C
Oh sister, donít be troubled,
     Em              C
Oh sister, please be calm,
           Em                              C
Cause this isnít, what youíre used to, at all,

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