Colbie Caillat - Paint It Golden tab

Paint it Golden
Colbie Caillat and Jason Reeves
Living Room NYC

Tabbed by Nick Malcolm
Watch for timing.

Capo 10

Chords Used

Cadd9 G/B G D/F Em7e--0--------3--------3--------2--------0-|b--3--------3--------3--------3--------3-|g--0--------0--------0--------0--------0-|d--2--------0--------0--------0--------2-|a--3--------2--------2--------0--------2-|E--0--------x--------3--------2--------0-|
Intro/Verse Riff:
C G/B C G/Be---------------------------------------------------------|b-----3--------------3----3------------3-------3----3-----|g----0--0---0------0-0h2-p0-------0---------0--0h2-p0-----|d---2----0h2------0-----------0--2----2-------0------2/4--|a-3-------------2--------------3----3--------2------------|E---------------------------------------------------------|
C G/Be------------------3-3-2----0----------|b-------3-1h0------------3----3--------|g----0--------------------0----0-------|d---2-2----------0---------------------|a-3-------------2----------------2-2h3-|E--------------------------------------|
Use the 2h3 to lead into the first set of riffs again. The riffs can be used throughough the verses and 'solo', and improvised on if you want. C G/B C Run away from money G/B C Quit your job and climb a tree G/B C G/B C One with hearts instead of leaves G/B C G/B C Build a sandcastle big enough for us to sleep G/B C G/B Paint it golden with the sunrise Chorus: G D/F# Cause we are Em7 C Like a wingless bird G D/F# Crashing down Em7 C To the helpless earth G And if somethin's gonna break it D/F# See it all around you Em7 C Feel it in your body G You'll be hiding in the shadows D/F# Where love is still alive Em7 C 'Til all of it is burning Through a field we're walkin Empty as the open sky We escape from all the troubles Found a waterfall and Took a dive to cool our skin Finally we found this feelin' Chorus 'Solo' Run away from money Quit your job and climb a tree One with hearts instead of leaves End on Em7
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