Colbie Caillat – I Wont chords ver. 2

G:      320033
Cadd9:  032033
Em7:    022033
A7sus4: 002233

G Cadd9 G Cadd9


GI won't do what you told me
I won't do what you said (no)
Cadd9I'm not gonna stop feeling
I'm not gonna forget it
GI don't wanna start over
I don't wanna pretend that
Cadd9You are not my lover
That you're only my friend Refrain:
Em7Cause when you took my heart
A7sus4You took it whole
Em7When you gave it back
A7sus4It fell apart, oh
Chorus Verse 1:
GWell, maybe you're not right for me
Cadd9Maybe this is hard to see
GI get lost in your beauty
Cadd9And I just stop questioning
Refrain Chorus Verse 2:
Em7 A7sus4You say it's easier to burn than to build
Em7 A7sus4You say it's easier to hurt than to heal
Em7 A7sus4But I say you lose when you give up what you love
Em7 A7sus4And I've lived my life without you long enough
Chorus No, I won't...
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