Colbie Caillat – When The Darkness Comes chords

"When the Darkness Comes" from The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones soundtrack
(This is my first tab, so let me know if there are any mistakes!)

Intro: Am Em F C

Am EmUnderneath the echoes
F CBuried in the shadows
Dm FThere you were
Am EmDrawn into your mystery
F CI was just beginning
Dm FTo see your ghost
Dm FBut you must know I'll
C EmBe here waiting
Am FHoping praying
C EmThat this light will guide you
Am FHome
C EmWhen you're feeling
Am F Lost I'll leave my
C Em AmLove hidden in the sun
FFor when the darkness comes
Am Em F C Verse 2 - Same chords as above Now the door is open The world I knew is broken There's no return Now my heart is not scared Just knowing that you're out there Watching me So believe I'll Repeat chorus Am Em F C Am Em F C Dm F Dm F Repeat chorus C Em Am F C Em Am F Am Em F C
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