Cold Cave - Loves Comes Close chords

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This is a great song, simple in structure and chords but complex in rhythm.

It uses two chords, a standard C and a strange F that looks like this:

E 0
B 1
G 2
D 3
A 0
E x

Intro C,F x 4 

CEverything changing will unchange again
FSun sheds the light as the life sheds the skin
CYou kiss your wish to the heart of the world
FThe secrets you sleep with will not break the spell
CCome on lets go home
FBuried in your room
CSing a song of death
FTil there's no one left
C Love comes close But chooses to spare me
FDeath comes close
But ceases to take me
CI want to twist the knife a bit deeper
FTo siphon the love from the hearts I believed in
CLook outside
World is exploding
FStay inside
So never knowing
CTaking cover
With each other
FSleeping off a century of hope
That's all you need, just repeat
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