Cold Chisel – Saturday Night chords

F G CSaturday night
C F G CSaturday night
(repeat 11 times)
Fm GSaturday night already old,
Cm Fwalking into Sunday and I find,
Fm Gall desires are cold
Cm FI could walk forever, I don't mind
Fm GShow me a light, your company
Cm Fgoes a little way, to help me see
Fm GThe path on which I'm bound
Cm Frather than the things I leave behind
Eb FmI've got the keys to the city
Ab BbI can feel my luck
Ab BbI got two days' money
Ab Bb If you light me up
AbThis heart will shine on
Fm G"L'esclavage D'amour
Cm FIt will be ours forevermore"
Fm GWords we both recall
Cm FEither from a lover, or the law
Fm GSaturday night, my steps have shown
Cm FI can walk away from all I've know
Fm GGoodnight, my friend, goodbye
Cm Remember what they say,
FWhen you're alone, laugh or die
F G CSaturday night
(repeat 'til sax solo) That's About It Enjoy!
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