Cold Chisel – Flame Trees chords

Intro:    A    E    A    E

A B EThe kids are driving and Saturday afternoon just passed me by
A B EI'm just savouring familiar sights
A B EWe shared some history, this town and I
A B G#m AvAnd I can't stop that long-forgotten feeling of her
A B EIn time to book a room and stay tonight
A B ENumber 1 is to find some friends and say "you're doing well --
A B EAfter all this time you boys look just the same"
A B ENumber 2 is the Happy Hour at one of two hotels
A B G#m AvAnd settle in to play "Do you remember so-and-so"
A B ENumber 3 is never say her name
A B F#mAnd oh the flame trees'll blind a weary driver
Av B EAnd there's nothing that can set fire to this town
A B C#m EThere's no change, there's no pace, everything within its place,
A B EJust makes it harder to believe that she won't be around
A B EOh, who needs that sentimental bullshit anyway
A B EIt takes more than just a memory to make me cry
A B EAnd I'm happy just to sit here at a table with old friends
A B EAnd see which one of us can tell the biggest lies
A B BAnd there's a girl, she's fallin' in love near where the pianola stands
A B EWith a young local factory auto worker -- just holdin' hands
A G#m BAnd I'm wondering if he'll go or if he'll stay
C G C G D EDo you remember, nothing stopped us on the field in our day
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