Cold Chisel – Khe Sahn tab

Em                     C                  G
I left my heart to the sappers 'round Khe Sahn
Em                   C                  D
& I sold my soul and ciggarettes to the black market man
Em                   C                    G                   C
I've had the Vietnam Cold Turkey from the ocean to the Silver City
    Am                  F (FM7?)        D
but thats    only other Vets could understand

Em                     C               G
'bout a long forgotten dock-side guarantee
Em                  C         D
there were no D-day heroes in 1973
Em                            C
and how we sailed into Sydney Harbour,
         G                         C
I saw an old friend but I couldn't kiss her
        Am             F                 D
she was loud and I was home to the lucky land
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