Cold War Kids - Mexican Dogs tab

Using barre chords throughout  play only bottom 2 or 3 strings (muted) when it 
sounds right (most of the song). listen to strumming pattern for various parts:

G= 355433
A= 577655
Bb= 688766
C = 8,10,10,9,8,8 (for chorus does not need to be barre)
F= 133211 or 8,8,10,10,10,8

intro: G,G,A

verse 1:
Back door, exit door
Now I wanna be your dog
Take winding up

verse 2: same

Hot tide, rattling up
Second bottle of French, you roll
You roll with us

G      Bb  G     Bb  G   Bb   G   Bb
Oh where I walk now. Where I walk now
   A   C  A    C  A   C   A   C
When I talk now. When I talk now

(back to verse strumming pattern)
Oh where I walk now. Where I walk now
A             Bb
When I talk. When I talk

Flash lights go out
Stars will light the way
Like mexican dogs
Nobody gave us names

Thats about it really, a few little quicker chord changes later on when there's 
no singing. But same chords.
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