Cold War Kids – We Used To Vacation tab ver. 2

||Cold War Kids||We Used To Vacation||
tabbed by CMJ Gibson

Although there is no significant tab playing in this song, it would be great for a cover. Enjoy.

e-------------------------------------------------|B-------------------------------------------------|G--2-2-2-22--2-2-2-22--2-2-2-22--2-2-2-22--2-2-2--|D--3-3-3-33--3-3-3-33--3-3-3-33--3-3-3-33--3-3-3--| A--5-5-5-55--4-4-4-44--3-3-3-33--2-2-2-22--2-3-4--|E-------------------------------------------------|
Sound pretty accurate and on key to me. Please rate and comment.
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