Cold War Kids – Golden Gate Jumpers chords ver. 2

The other versions were pretty good, but they missed a couple subtleties that I think
are important to the song. Also, the outro was either completely wrong or nonexistent, so
I tried my best with it.

Also, in the verse, you can strum the Dm once, then change the fret on the 6th string
from the first fret to the third fret and strum, then move it back to it's original
position for another strum. It sounds more like the piano. This can also be done for the 
Eb during the chorus, but it's more tricky.

And at the end of the verse, while holding the F chord, you could pick the chords from
the bottom up to the 3rd string. Listen to the song for the timing.

Bb A7 Dm G FThick fog rolls in waves
Bbm FOn the Golden Gate
I was checking my watch With 7 minutes in my shift When I spot a black skirt on the rail Straddling the bar like it's a quater a ride She's scared to jump but terrified to stay Walk to her slow extend my hand with a smile and say Chorus:
Dm Eb"Ma'am how was your day?
Dm EbKeep your eyes on my face
GI want to help you
Cif you'll let me"
Verse: She's stratled, I look forward Wrap my arms 'round her legs Pull her down to the sidewalk We're both heaving for air and I say Chorus: "Ma'am how was your day? Keep your eyes on my face I want to help you if you'll let me" Outro(?):
C Bm7Most folks think they'll hit the surface
GAnd never, fell no pain
Water pulls you under Back to the womb once again Bodies float to the shore Bloated purple and blue If sharks won't get you first Crabs will have their way with you
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