Cold - Rain Song Acoustic tab

Artist : Cold
Song : Rain Song acoustic
Album : Year of the Spider, Special Edition DVD
Tuning : Tuned 2 steps down, (low to high) C F Bb Eb G C
Transcribed by : Nick (

Intro/Verse chords *listen to song to get rhythm for chords*--------------------------------------------9--5--7--4----9--5--7--4----7--3--5--2--
Bridge *time in song -> about 2:01*--------------------------------------------------9--7--10--12----7--5---9--10------------------
Solo Riff--3---------------------3---------------------------3-2-3-------2-2-2-3---3-2-3-3-3-3s5-3-2-2~------------2-2-2---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Intro/Verse - 6x Chorus - 2x Solo riff - 1x Intro/Verse - 4x Solo riff - 2x Chorus - 2x Bridge - 3x Chorus - 4x Outro - 1x
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