Cold - With My Mind tab

okay so this is my second tab. don't leave hate comments b/c the song isn't complete cos
know it isn't. The song is supposed to be in C standard but I was messing around with
guitar and it came out, this is E standard so enjoy any questions email me at 
this isn't the intro either its more like the chorus.

P= short pausee---------------------------------------------------------------------|b---------------------------------------------------------------------|g-10-9-7-12-9-7-9-P-9-10-9-7-9-10-9-7-P-9-10-9-7-12-9-7-9-P-7-9-10----|d---------------------------------------------------------------------|a---------------------------------------------------------------------|E---------------------------------------------------------------------|
this is easy so i hope u have no trouble playing it. so its basically from the part that say "I will take ur thoughts away" until he says "with my mind"
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