Coldplay - Life In Technicolor drum

Life In Technicolor
Viva La Vida
Tabbed by Axel Anaruk II

The drums have a sustain to it for this song and
In the beginning, there are some bongos going on,
so just play to the beat.

    Increase volume for the first time around.

1st end 2nd end (then play 1st bar x4)C|--------(x2)---------|--x------------------|---------------------|S|-----o----o----o---o-|-----o----o----o---o-|-----o----o----o--oo-|B|--o---oo---o--o-ooo--|--o---oo---o--o-ooo--|--o---oo---o--o-oo---|
C|--x---------------------| S|-----o---dd----o-----dd-| B|--o---oo---o--o--oo-----|
Play this x4|------------------------|-----------------------||-----o---dd----o-----oo-|-----o---dd----o----dd-||--o---oo----o--o--oo----|--o---oo---o--o-oo-----|
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