Coldplay - Life Is For Living chords version 1

Bb GmNow I never meant,
Fsus4 Fto do wrong,
Eb Cm7 Bb Bsus4 Bbthats what I came here to say.
Bb GmBut if I was wrong,
Fsus4 FThan I'm sorry,
Eb Cm7 Bb Bsus4 BbI don't let it stand in our way.
Bb GmAs my head just aches,
Fsus4 FWhen I think of,
Eb Cm7 Bb Bsus4 Bb The things that I shouldn't have done.
Bb GmBut if life is for living,
Fsus4 FWe all know,
Eb Cm7 Bb Bsus4 Bb And I don't want to live it alone.
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