Coldplay – Moving To Mars chords ver. 2

Left handed

A slightly easier to play version, but will require CAPO FIRST FRET.


Chords (EADGBe)

Em - xx2000
Em/D# - xx1000
Em/D - xx0000
C - x32010
D - xx0232
Em/C# - x45000
B7 - x21202
G - 320003
Bm - x24432Emadd9 - 022002
Cadd9 - x32033 Gb5 - 320023 A - x02220 E - 022104 Intro: Em
Em Em/D# Em/D Em/D#Somewhere up above the stars
C DThe wreckage of a universe floats past
Em Em/D# Em/D Em/C#Somewhere up above my heart
C A tiny little seed is sown,
DA government is overthrown,
Em/C# B7Who knows when we'll be coming home at last
CAnd I heard it on the radio
G DThat one day we'll be living in the stars
CAnd I heard it on a tv show
BmThat somewhere up above and in my heart
CThey'll be tearing us apart,
D Emadd9 Cadd9 BmMaybe moving us to mars
CWe won't see the earth again
Bm C (G)In these seconds just remain unchanged
G Gb5 G Gb5 G Gb5 G Gb5
D A8 to 9, 9 to 10
G We are meeting for the first time
D AWe might never meet again, you and me
GWe are meeting for the first time
D ACan't you see, 76543
G We are meeting for the first time
D A GSinging this space symphony
C G D C Bm
C D Emadd9 Cadd9 BmThey'll be tearing us apart moving us to mars,
C D Emadd9Past the satellites and stars, they're moving us to mars
Cadd9 Bm C Bm C E
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