Coldplay - Cemeteries Of London tab

Should be an easy solo; easy enough for me :)

~ Vibrato

e-12-10-9------12-10-9----------/B---------12-----------12-------/G-------------------------------/D-------------------------------/A-------------------------------/E-------------------------------/ x2
e-9-14-10-9-----9-14-10-9-------/B-----------12------------12----/G-------------------------------/D-------------------------------/A-------------------------------/E-------------------------------/ x2
e-12~-10-9~-7-11~-7-5~----------/B-------------------------------/G-------------------------------/D-------------------------------/A-------------------------------/E-------------------------------/ x1
FYI, the vibratos are there to make it sound better, so you don't need to have them if you don't want them ;) Comments and corrections are welcome :)
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