Coldplay – Us Against The World chords ver. 7

Tuning is as follows:
E A D F# B E

Capo: 3rd Fret

This part is the introduction, played by Jon In the recorded album version~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~e|-----8-7h8---| e|-----7-5h7---|B|---8-------8-| B|---8-------8-|G|-9-----------| X5 G|-7-----------| X4D|-------------| D|-------------|A|-------------| A|-------------|E|-------------| E|-------------|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
A Asus4 E Esus4 D D/C#E |-0---0---------0---0---------0---0---|B |-0---0---------0---0---------0---0---|F#|-10--8---------8---8---------0---0---|D |-10--10--------9---10--------15--14--|A |-10--10--------10--10--------15--15--|E |-0---0---------0---0---------13--12--|
A Asus4 A Asus4Oh morning come bursting the clouds move in
E Esus4 E Esus4lift off this blindfold let me see again
Dand bring back the water that your ships will rid
A Ein my heart she left a whole.
A Asus4 A Asus4The tightrope that I'm walking just sways and ties
E Esus4 E Esus4the devil as he's talking with those angel's eyes
Dand I just wanna be there when the lightning strikes
A Eand the saints go marching in.
CHORUS A Asus4 A Asus4 E Esus4
E Esus4And sing sloooo-ooooo-ooooo-oooow it down
Dthrough chaos as it swirls
A Eit's just us against the world.
A Asus4 A Asus4Like a river to a raindrop I lost a friend
E Esus4 E Esus4my drunken as a dagger in a lion's den
Dand tonight I know it all has to begin again
A Eso whatever you do don't let go.
A Asus4And if we could float away
A Asus4 E Esus4fly up to the surface we'll just start again
E Esus4and lift off with no trouble
Djust erodes us in the rain
just erodes us in the rain
A Ejust erodes us just erodes us in the rain.
CHORUS A Asus4 A Asus4 E Esus4E Esus4Sing sloooo-ooooo-ooooo-ooooow it down
D A Eoh sloooo-ooooo-ooooo-ooooow it down.
INSTRUMENTAL A Asus4 A Asus4 E Esus4 E Esus4 D A E OUTRO
D D/C#Through chaos as it swirls
Eit's just us against the world
D D/C#through chaos as it swirls
E~~~it's us against the world.
Thankyou Tabulature by Morgz.
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