Coldplay – Harmless tab

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Band: Coldplay
Song: Harmless
Album: None (Live version)
Words & Music: Guy Berrymen, Jon Buckland, Will Champion & Chris Martin
From: Zachary

Note: Hey, this is a nice short song. Try it for a while. Yeah, it's
      piano but I've tabbed it into acoustic guitar for you guys to
      play. Enjoy!

Standard Tuning: EADGbe

Chords Used:

  Gmaj Amin Fmaj Cmaj
e| 3    0    1    0
b| 3    1    1    1
G| 0    2    2    0
D| 0    2    3    2
A| 2    0    3    3
E| 3    X    X    X


Gmaj           Amin
So I heard you say,

Gmaj       Amin
I got your get away,

Gmaj            Amin
I'm on a second trail,

Gmaj        Amin   Fmaj
As clear as crystal,

Note: When it comes to Cmaj, after you sing 'harmless...', use your
      little finger to press the 3rd barr at the 2nd string(b-string).
      then do this tab given with your Cmaj on. Tabs are give upon
      the correct timing.


e|-------------------------b|-------------------3-1-0-G|-------------------------D|-------------------------A|-------------------------E|------------------------- Gmaj Cmaj But it was harmless,
e|---------------------------b|---------------------3-1-0-G|---------------------------D|---------------------------A|---------------------------E|--------------------------- Gmaj Cmaj It couldn't hurt you,
e|--------------------------b|--------------------3-1-0-G|--------------------------D|--------------------------A|--------------------------E|-------------------------- Gmaj Cmaj Oh you were helpless,
e|----------------------------b|----------------------3-1-0-G|----------------------------D|----------------------------A|----------------------------E|---------------------------- Gmaj Cmaj I know you'll get through,
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