White Shadows tab with lyrics by Coldplay - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Coldplay – White Shadows tab

These chords and lyrics are copied from the sheet music (from the offical X&Y folio). 
an incredibly easy song to put together, and it sounds impressive.




Organ: G#m
Full band: G#m  |  B  | C#m9 | D#m (all over 


   G#m            B          D#m    C#m(add9)
1. When I was a young boy I tried to listen
2. If you ever feel like something's missing
3. When I was a young boy, I tried to listen

G#m          B         D#m
And I wanna feel like that
things you'll never understand
Don’t you wanna feel like that?

G#m            B         D#m    C#m(add9)
Little white shadows, blink and miss them
Little white shadows, sparkle and glisten
You’re part of the human race, all of the stars in the outer space

G#m        B       D#m
Part of a system, I am
Part of a system, a plan
Part of a system, I am

Interlude (after verse 1)
G#m  |  B  | C#m9 | D#m (all over G# bass)

Pre-chorus (after verses 2 and 3):

Emaj7                 C#m(add9)
All this noise I'm waking up
All this space I'm taking up
All this sound is breaking up
Ooh oh ooh____________


G#m                        Emaj7
Maybe you'll get what you wanted
B                    D#m
Maybe you'll stumble upon it
G#m                  Emaj7
Everything you ever wanted
       B        D#m
In a permanent state

G#m                        Emaj7
Maybe you'll know when you see it
B                            D#m
Maybe if you say it you'll mean it
G#m                         Emaj7
And when you find it you'll keep it
        B        D#m             G#m
In a permanent state, a permanent state

Outro: (organ only)

Swim out on a sea of faces
E                             B
The tide of the human races, oh
An answer now is what I need
See it in the new sun rising and
E                             B
See it break on your horizon, oh
Come on love, stay with me

G#m (fade out)
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