Cole Paula – Pearl tab ver. 2

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transcribed by edmond hum (

Basic chords: Dmin, F, C (in weirdish shapes, tabs follow)

Fmaj C Dmine--O e--O e--1-|b--1 b--1 b--3-|g--2 g--O g--2-|d--3 d--2 d----|Oa--X a--3 a--X-|E--X E--X E--X-|
Fmaj9 C Dmin rep: Dmine--------O--O--|--------O--O--|--1--1--1----1----|b--------1--1--|--------1--1--|--3--3--3----3----|g-----2--2--O--|--------O--O--|--2--2--2pO--Oh2--|d--3-----3--O--|-----2--2--O--|--O--O--O----O----|a--------------|--3-----3--O--|------------------|e--------------|--------------|------------------|
That vamped chord that comes between verses and before the middle 8 is the Fmaj7 Here's the little fill-up that comes at the beginning and between verses:
So the verse would be like: (forgive me for I'm doing this from memory and I'll definitly get the lyrics wrong) Fmaj7 C Hot hands Dmin Fmaj7 C Move me Dmin Fmaj7 C D I write on these walls Fmaj7 C D I have no heart at all F7:F7  ? Fmaj7 (vamp to fill) You get the picture. As for the bridge, it's a pretty simple ascending line, but fuck me if I can figure out the bleeding key, though I think it's from A so: A - B - C - D All majors, and each last for a full measure before changing. If you have any better ideas, please tell me. I haven't figured out the solos, I tend just to go a touch off my head and improvise, but I'll work on it and get you that in the future. Another hint, I know Kristen plays it like I wrote it above, but when I first started work on it I played a slightly (only very) different way, that was easier and sounded smashing: Simply substitute these chords for the original ones (same root):
F6 C9 D9e--O e--O e----|Ob--3 b--3 b--3-|g--2 g--O g--2-|d--3 d--2 d--0-|a--X a--3 a--X-|E--X E--X E--X-|

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