Colin Hay - Here In My Hometown tab

From the Are you Lookin' at me album.

Chords used:

Em: 022000
Emadd9: 024000
Dsus2: XX0230
G: 320003
Dsus2/F#: 20023X
Am: X02210
Asus4: X02230
C: X32010
Cadd9: X32030

Intro: Em/Emadd9

You can alternate between Emadd9 and Em in the verse and intro, though the acoustic 
I saw he just played the Emadd9 chord.


Theres a needle in the soul of the city, its flying all around
Sprays a fine mist over, and switches off the sound
I watch you as you slip away, I watch the sun go down
Its such a perfect light here, here in my hometown

A calm is on the water, the air is very still
The sun it does not want to rise, it doesn't have the will
The day is all hungover, its dirty and lowdown
And I am like a stranger, here in my hometown


And don't you feel sometimes like
G    Dsus4/F#         Am (alternated with Asus4)
Walking away from the world
G    Dsus4/F#         C (alternated with Cadd9)
Walking away from the world

Same chords used throughout. Comments/corrections welcome.
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