Colin Hay - Sometimes I Wish tab

From the Peaks and valleys album. This may be very wrong, as far as I can tell the song 
in Open G tuning,
which I'm not overly familiar with in terms of chord shapes etc.
Still, I thought it better to put up my approximation which others might be able to improve,
so please comment with corrections. I think the album version is also done on a 12 string.

Tuning: Open G

D  (Low E down 1 step)
G  (A down 1 step)
D (E down 1 step.

Chords used:

G:  000000
C:  X02012
Bm: X40404
Am7 X22012

I haven't put the strumming pattern in these, but you can hear how many times to do each one.

Intro: (After first time)e|---0----0----0----0----0----0---0-----0----0---------0----|B|---0----0----0----0----0----0---0-----0----0---------0----|G|---2--2p0--2s4--4p0--0h2--2p0---2s4-4s5--5s7---x2----7s2--|D|---0----0----0----0----0----0---0-----0----0---------0----|A|---0----0----0----0----0----0---0-----0----0---------0----|E|---0----0----0----0----0----0---0-----0----0---------0----|
After second time:e|---0----0----0---0------0----0--------0------0---0--0-----|B|--15----12--15---12----12----8--------0------0---0--0-----|G|---0----0----0---0------0----0--------11--11s12--9--7-x4--|D|---0----0----0---0------0----0--x 2---0------0---0--0-----|A|---0----0----0---0------0----0--------0------0---0--0-----|E|---0----0----0---0------0----0--------0------0---0--0-----|
Verse riff (referred to as G riff):
e|---0----0----0----0-----------------------0-----0-|B|---0----0----0----0-----------------------0-----0-|G|-0h2--2p0--2s4--4p0---sometimes with----4s5---5s7-|D|---0----0----0----0-----------------------0-----0-|A|---0----0----0----0-----------------------0-----0-|E|---0----0----0----0-----------------------0-----0-|
G riff Sometimes I wish I was born in another time G riff A long long time ago G riff Things were much harder then G riff But I like the clothes they wore C And the way they did their hair Bm C At least it took some care Bm C Then they all went off to war Bm G riff You can never have it all Same chord pattern: Sometimes I wish I was born in another time Say 1924 People didn't have much money then In fact, most folks were poor But what about those cars And the sound of those guitars And the voice of Old King Cole Soothed me to my soul
Then the chords: C Bm Am7 Then back to the verse pattern. Sometimes I wish I was born in another time In 1754 I'd go drinking with old Robbie Burns Whose words are made of gold Oh Christ we need him now Said a talking Ayrshire cow But now he's drifted up to heaven He was only, he was only 37 G riff Just a young man really Cut down in his prime Sometimes I wish I was born in another time A long long time ago Things were much harder then But I like the clothes they wore And the way they did their hair At least they showed some flair Then they all went off to war Am7 Bm You can never have it all C G You can never have it all Am7 Bm You can it some of the time C G You can have most things nearly all the time C But you can't have it Bm Am7 All of the time Repeat intro to finish. Thats my approximation of it. Like I said, any input is appreciated.
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