Up In Smoke tab with lyrics by Colin Hay - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Colin Hay – Up In Smoke tab

From the Are you lookin' at me album.
I'll list the open chords below, but it can also be played with a capo
on the fourth fret (perhaps more simply), with the equivalent chord shapes below.

Open:               Capo on 4th fret
B: X24442           G: 320033
F#: 244322          D: XX0232
E: 022100           C: X32010
G#m: 466444         Em: 022000
E2: X79997         (use same C chord as above)
E/Eb: X6999X        C/B:X20010
C#m: X46654         Am: X02210

B   F#          E
I'm coming home tomorrow
B   F#              E
My work heres almost done
B    F#           G#m          E
Now all I have is sorrow for in time
B    F#          B
We--- all go up in smoke

I'm coming home tomorrow
I gave them back my gun
For all I own is borrowed and in time
We--- all go up in smoke

F#             G#m       B
Silently as my tears flow
E2    E/Eb         C#m
This fear keeps on burning
F#             G#m       B
As I sleep and the winds blow
E2    E/Eb         C#m
To you I'm retuning

I'm coming home tomorrow
I'll never meet my son
I am a local hero, but in time
We--- all go up in smoke

The verse chords are played through the solo. Comments/corrections welcome.
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