Colin Hay - Children On Parade tab version 2

Tuning: Double Dropped D From Standard : DADGBD

Here's the basic Chords
x = Mute with your fret hand
o = leave ring open

Verse-----o----------o---o-----o---------------------------------|-----o----------o---o-----o---------------------------------|-----o----------o---o-----o---------------------------------|-----9----------5-s-7--s--9---------------------------------|-----9----------5-s-7--s--9---------------------------------|-----9----------5-s-7 -s--9---------------------------------| x3 ^ ^ | | strike bottom 3 then pick up and slide to 7
Chorus----x----x---x-------x--x--x----------|----x----x---x-------x--x--x----------|----7----7---5-------5--6--7----------|----7----7---5-------5--6--7----------|----5----4---3-------3--4--5----------|----o----o---o-------o--o--o----------|Listen to the Song for strumming, hit the low d hard on the first hit of the chorus.
You can figure out the slides pretty easily from listening. THANKS FOR LOOKING!!!! xCoorsx
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