Colin Hay - If I Go tab

From the Transcendental Highway album

Standard tuning

Chords used:

Am - 577655
G - 355433
F - 133211
Gm - 355333
Bb - X13331

Intro:Am - G

Verse: Am G Am G My love, you're tired and its late Am G Am G But I have to say what I have to say Am G Am G I am not clear if you still want me near Am G Am G If you do please let me know Bridge: F G Am I'm no longer waiting for tomorrow
e|--------------------------------|B|--3s10-8----------5-5s6-5-3-1---|G|--------------------------------| These bits are played in that lineD|--------------------------------| Listen for whenA|--------------------------------|E|--------------------------------|
F G E While there's still time left today
Chorus: G If I go Gm You'll be with me Bb If you want me to stay F We'll fix whatever's broken G Wherever I go Gm I'll be with you Bb My love is deeper than the sea F And taller than a mountain Second verse: Am G You held my life Am G On a puppet string Am G Am G I have no secrets from you Am G Am G Tell me my love, is it still good enough? Am G Am G If its not please set me free
Bridge: Bb A F You're nonchalant and drifting with the breeze G Gm A Now won't you listen to me please Then play the chorus again. That second bridge may be wrong, but the rest of it I'm pretty sure of. Comments welcome.
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