Colin Hay - Love Is Innocent tab

From the Man at Work album

Standard tuning.

Chords used:

E - 022100
B - X24442
A - X02220
C#m - X46654
G# - 466544
G#m - 466444
F# - 244322

E                   B
I've been standing here

A               B
Staring at the mirror

E                   B
The voice thats in my ear

A               B
Is not my friend

Pre chorus:

C#m                   G#
I know you're sad and blue

E                  F#
You know that I am too

C#m                G#m
And now I'm on the train

       B                  A
I see writing on the wall

It says


E                   G#m/A 
Love is innocent

E                   G#m/A 
Love is innocent

(The G#m/A thing different chord, just sometimes he uses one and sometimes
the other, especially towards the end of the song, listen to the CD)

Play these bits again and then:


A                     B
And now the wistle is blowing

E                  F#
Its time to get on board

C#m                  G#m
Theres no way of knowing 

A                           B                                      
Where it will, where it will stop

Thats it, rest of the song uses the same progressions. Enjoy, comment if ya got 'em.
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