Colin Hay - Against The Tide tab

Taken from the Topanga album.

Standard tuning

Chords used:

Dm - XX0231
Dsus2 - XX0230
Am - X02210
Bb - X13331
C - X35553
F - 133211
F/A 103210


Dm                   Am
The lines are broken between she and I

        Bb                                C
But the road is as straight as an arrow

F                                  Am
We had walked in a beautiful forest

But after a while the trees grew thin

And offered little shade

Dm                Am                                     Bb  C
Now more than ever our lives move of their own volition

Verse: The F alternates with F/A and the Dm alternates with Dsus2

I sleep walk in the night

I don't wanna, I don't wanna

I let the day decide

I'm searching for, I'm searching for

I swim against the tide

I only wanna,  I only wanna

Get to the other side

You can always find me

Bb               C
Waitin for the right time
   Bb                     C
But I can't wait till the end


Dm  Am          Bb     C
You moved out of reach

F         Am      Bb    C
Slipped out of my hands

Dm  Am          Bb     C
I live in my dreams

              Bb              F
I have of you still holding me

Thats it, same chords for the rest of it. Comments welcome.
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