Colin Hay - I Got Woken Up tab

From the Company of Strangers album.

Chords used:

E - 022100
C#m - X46654
B - X24442
A - X02220
G - 320033

Use open chords or bar chords as you see fit.

The verse uses an E chord and one of these riffs after each line. Sometimes it uses riff 
on the second line (minus the lead into the bridge part).

Riff 1e|-------------------------|B|---7--5h7---5------------|G|----------6---4h6-4------|D|-------------------------|A|-------------------------|E|-------------------------|
Riff 2e|------------------7-------|B|---7--5h7---5-7s9---7--5--|G|----------6---------------|D|--------------------------|A|--------------------------|E|--------------------------|
Riff 3e|---------7--------------------------------------------|B|---5h7s9---5h7-5---lead into the bridge with--5h7-----|G|--------------------------------------------------6---|D|------------------------------------------------------|A|------------------------------------------------------|E|------------------------------------------------------|
E Riff 1 I don't need anybody E Riff 2 I don't carry no gun E Riff 1 I don't need to feel sorry E Riff 3 For the things I have done Bridge: C#m B A Everythings about to start C#m B A I can feel it in my bones and my heart C#m B A And I'm not even in the race Chorus: E I woke up (Mmm yes I did) G I woke up (I've been asleep too long) E I woke up (I got woken up) G I woke up Same chords and such throughout. Comments welcome, there must be someone out there my Colin Hay tabs...
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