Colin Hay – I Wish I Was Still Drinking tab

From the Are you lookin' at me album.

Chords used:

D: XX0232
A: X02220
Bm: X24432
G: 320033

Intro: D

I wish I was still drinking whiskey wine and beer
D                                  G          A
The sounds of glasses clinking so sweet to my ear
D                                Bm
I wouldn't have to listen to the time thats running out
D                                 A            D
I'd use it much more wisely, I'd drink and fall about

G                            D
I wish I was still drinking, then I'd have no fear
G                                        A
I'd tell you how to fix the world, then have another beer
G                                            Bm
I wouldn't have to feel the pain thats in a mother's eyes
D                                       A              D
I'd drink till I believed the sound, of my own drunken lies

G  A  Bm
G  A   D

Same chords are used throughout, does one verse with the top set of chords
then one with the second set all the way through. Comments/corrections welcome.
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