Speechless tab with lyrics by Colin James - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Colin James – Speechless tab

Album: Colin James  "Bad Habits"

Date: 6 January 2006
From: Garry Ciambella 
Transcribed by: Garry Ciambella
I declare that the transcription is done by myself.

- more or less. I'm doing this by ear and it's just to get you all going.
There's a moderate amount of stuff going on in here. Since it's an instrumental (only) 
I tried to put in some timing stuff. Follow along with the CD to get it right.

The somg is in the key of G in standard tuning. The riffs are mostly G major pentatonic 
Em pentatonic) or more likely the Em blues scale (practically the same as the Em pent). 
are a lot of bends and pull offs and
hammer ons (or is it pulls off and hammers on ?)

Intro chords +

G /// /// D - Em /// //  F F#
G /// /// D - Em /// then tack on the following descent riff
( or play these chords instead D/ C/ Bm7/ Am7 )
You just "pass through" the D to the Em in the above progression.

Descent riff

e --------------------|B ---7---5---3---1----|G --------------------|D ---7---5---4---2----|A --------------------|E --------------------|
VERSE G // Bm - C / G / D /// //// (just pass through the Bm...play this whole progression twice... after the second measures of D, play the following chord to lead into the upcoming Em
e --x--B --7-- 3-|G --8-- 4-|D --7-- 2-|A --6-- 1-|E --x--
PRE-CHORUS Em /// G /// Em /// B7 /// C /// Db dim /// D/ C/ Bm7/ Am7 ^ (or use the descent riff again here)
(D dim =e --3-- 1---|B --5-- 1+4-|G --3-- 1---|D --5-- 1+3-|A --4-- 1+2-|E --x--
(barre the 3rd fret with index and place fingers 2-3 and 4 on the indicated frets) There's also a sliding riff on the G after the Em in the pre-chorus This could be off, but it should be close enough.
e --12/7-------- 2 then 2 then 2 then 1-|B --------7/8----------------------------|G --12/7---------------------------------| use 3nd finger throughoutD --------7/9----------------------------|A ---------------------------------------|E ---------------------------------------|
CHORUSG / D / C /// (play 3 times)F / F# / G /// (play this quiet part Hendrix-style)e -----------------------------------------|B ---10----10----------11----11--------12--|G ---10----10----------11----11--------12--|D ---10----10h12p10----11----11h13p11--12--|A ---10h12-------------11h13---------------|E -----------------------------------------|
Repeat the verse / pre-chorus / chorus (with hendrix riff 2x on the second pass) and end like the beginning of the intro but finish on the Em. G /// D Em Good Luck, Garry
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