Colin James - Better Way To Heaven chords

Better Way To Heaven
Colin James / Craig Northey / Tom

introe -----------------------------------|B -----------------------------------|G -----------------------------------|D ---------2---2h4-------------------|A -0-0--2s4---4----------------------|E -----------------------------------|
A /// F#m /// Bm /// E /// chords used A = x02220 F#m = 244222 Bm = x24432 E = 022100 Dbm = x46654 VERSES
A F#mTurned on and wide awake
Bm EDusted off this lonely day
Bm E A /// ////We're gonna go where the band's got soul
repeat verse chords and timing CHORUS (stay on A chord longer at end of 2nd time)
A E Swing low and turn the lights down
F#m DI don't wanna know a better way to heaven
>Repeat< >Another 2 verses >Another 2 choruses >BRIDGE
Dbm F#mI wanna know what it's all about
Dbm EI just know when it all works out yeah yeah yeah yeah
> solo in A major (like 2 verses) > another 2 verses > chorus 4 times > finish 4 bars on A chord
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