Colin James - Better Way To Heaven tab

...a quick tab of the title track from 'Limelight', nice and easy! Listen to the track 
the timing and James's little fill licks. I'm not sure about the bridge or the outro...

Intro -

Verse - (Chords) (repeat x2, with little slide riff after the 1st A, and various hammer on/pull-offs after the A F#m D E D E A 1st E and final A!)e|--0--2--2--0--2--0--0--|B|--2--2--3--0--3--0--2--|G|--2--2--2--1--2--1--2--|D|--2--4--0--2--0--2--2--|A|--0--4-----2-----2--0--|E|-----2-----0-----0-----|
Chorus - (Chords) A E F#m D (repeat x2)
Another verse and chorus then... Bridge -
G#m7 F#m G#m7 Be|--4---2---4------|B|--4---2---4---4--|G|--4---2---4---4--|D|--4---4---4---4--|A|--6---4---6---2--|E|--4---2---4------|
Solo - Rhythm guitar plays the verse part then repeat chorus and either the verse or intro parts work for the outro... Thanks!
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