Collective Soul - Boast tab

Collective Soul, Boast.
Tabbed by redmud,
Tabbed by: Redmud      (

This is probably the best song on Blender, here goes!

Chords used: (all in the form EADGBE)

1)      91111999
G#m     466544
F#m      244322
B           224422


Yeah you want to
Cause you said so
Cause you need to

Yeah you need to need to
I don't want to
But I'll have to
But you got to  yeah you got to got to


B-------------------------------------------------- G-------------------------------------------------- D------------------------------------------------- A--6--9--11--9-8h9h8--------------------------- E---------------------------------------------------
Repeat several times *2*E---------------------------------------------------
B--------------------------------------------------- G-------------------------------------------------- D------------------------------------------------- A---4----6-----7---4----6----7----------------- E-------------------------------------------------
Could you...... (play riff 1 a few more times) (after that play riff 2 again, and then riff 1) Verse: (repeat pattern as 1st chorus) Yeah you want to Cause you said so Cause you need to Yeah you need to need to I don't want to But I'll have to But you got to yeah you got to got to Chorus: (riff 1 and 2 interchange) Verse: (Repeat as above)
(Also throw this in)E-------------------------------------B--------------------------------------G--10-----------------------------------D-------11---------------------------A------------11---------------------E------------------------------------
B F#mOh no no... you're....E-------------------------------------B------------------------------------G----------------------------------D------------------------------------A-8h9--8--11--9-8h9-8--11--9-----E------------------------------------Oh no no.......
Verse: (repeat pattern as above) (end with riff 1) And that's it!!!! >please visit my website at
**Also** if you've seen my Vent tab (by collective soul) I've figured out the one thing I didn't have, it goes like this:E----------------------------------------------- AND the intro actually goes like this (i typed it wrong the 1st timeB-------------9---------------------------------- B-----------------------------------------------G--5--6--5----5--6----------------------------- G-----------------------------------------------D--------------------------------------------- D------------------------------------------------A----------------------------------------------- A---2----------------2---------------------------E----------------------------------------------- E-------4--2--4--4------4--2-4-4--------------------
OK? Hopefully that clears up a few small but makes a difference amendment for SKIN..just add one note here:E-------------------------------------------------B------------------------------------------------G-----------------8h-10--8----------------------------D-------10--11---------------------------------------A--11-----------------------------------------------E------------------------------------------------
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