Collective Soul - Smashing Young Man chords version 1

Smashing Young Man
Collective Soul
Collective Soul 1995

Version with STANDARD TUNING for anyone who doesn't want to use drop D
or for anyone who wants to pretend that it's written for acoustic...
basically for other novices like me... 

All barred chords... A on 5th fret, Bb on 6th, C and F on 8th, Gm on 3rd

One odd chord:

G#/Abm7 (Unsure of it's real name)

First Riff:
1   2    3-6   7   8  
A  A-Bb   Bb   C   Bb

Second Riff:
F (muted etc for the effect)


Bb F AbHelp me I plea I don't understand
Eb Bbyour ways and your means you smashing young man
F Abhelp me to see the good you have planned
Eb A --Bb (into first Riff) you're wearing me thin you smashing young man Bridge:
Gm CI don't recall asking for guidance
Gm FI don't recall wanting to
G5 C5I don't recall bowing before you
Eb Abm7 ? but I'm so impressed, with the kindness in your attitude
Solo: Use the chorus (listen for the timing)
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